Essential tips to tide through Nursing school

Nursing school’s one of the most defining phases in the career of a student. And while it was never touted to be a walk in the park, with some preparation, you can prevent it from being a perpetual detention sentence.

If you plunged head first into nursing without being fully aware of it, then here are some tips that can help you tide through the first year of nursing school.

  1. Get noticed: Most people will have butterflies in their tummies when they first walk into class. That’s ok. But you should ensure that you make the most of the time that you are in class. One of the best ways to do this is stick to the first couple of rows of benches. You can make connections with your instructors right off the bat and this will help you in more ways than you can imagine.
  2. Ask questions: This one is straight from the holy grail of nursing. You need to ask questions. No matter how dumb they might sound at the moment. Asking questions and thinking out of the box will be your ally in your career.
  3. Put in your best: As long as you know that you are trying your best, your grades don’t really matter that much. If you feel that you are lacking in a subject, redo it. You should try to excel at nursing rather than be a grade monger.
  4. Understand why the task is being performed: Many a time, they teach you how to perform a particular task without ever explaining why performing it is necessary. Understanding the reason behind it prepares you better for the outcome.
  5. Be prepared: For the time duration of your nursing course, you will be living nursing. Everything that you do right from the moment you wake up till the time you crash will be connected to nursing. Be prepared for this. It might take a while to sink in. But nursing is considered by many to be a lifestyle change.
  6. Time management: There isn’t a single nursing student who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at the million tasks that they are supposed to squeeze in within 24 hours. Learning how to manage time will help you stay sane. Use a planner. Start writing things down.
  7. Look for better students: Are there students in class who are better than you? They are your friends. They will challenge you to improve on your skills and can also help you hone them.
  8. Look for a mentor: A senior nursing student who has successfully completed your course has been in your shoes. At times, they might be the only ones who can lend you a patient ear. Not to mention that they can help you immensely when it comes to tackling exams, practical et al.
  9. Practice: You will get ample opportunities to practice and hone your skills. But eventually, it boils down to you. Are you volunteering for demonstrations? Are you willing to go the extra mile?
  10. Relax: That’s easier said than done. But try. Exercise whenever its possible. Meditate. Try activities that help reduce stress. Talk to your parents, your best friend, your dog, your boyfriend. Anybody that helps you let off some steam is your ally.

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